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Kriesels Scheepsmakelaar B.V. has helped several new ship owners to start up their business in recent years. This approach has proved very successful with enthusiastic, positively-minded captains who want to have their own ship. Kriesels Scheepsmakelaar B.V. will support you every step of the way when you purchase your own ship. As soon as we know what your needs are, Kriesels Scheepsmakelaar B.V. will try to find the right ship for you. If you need financial support, we will try to help you in that way as well.
The following types of ships are available for inland shipping:
Push and tug boats
Container and freight ships
Bunker ships
Double-hulled chemical tankers                                             
Double-hulled bunker tankers
The following types of ships are available for maritime shipping:
Multipurpose dry cargo ships
Oil and chemical tankers
Container ships
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