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Te koop gevraagd: Motorvrachtschip
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Motorvrachtschepen gezocht voor diverse relaties:
Voor diverse relaties zijn wij op zoek naar Motorvrachtschepen tussen de 80 tot 110 meter.

Indien u een Motorvrachtschip aan wilt bieden kunt u contact opnemen met René Kriesels, Mobiel +31 (0)612-890610.
Welcome to Kriesels Scheepsmakelaar B.V.
How did Kriesels Scheepsmakelaar B.V. begin?

I grew up working in inland shipping, and since 2006 I have been a certified EMCI shipping broker. I started working as a sailor on a river barge at the age of 16. After a few years as a second officer and then as a captain on tanker ships, I moved on to gain experience of working on tugs and cargo ships. I sailed on the high seas for around 10 years, until 1990 when I decided to drop the anchor permanently. During the 1990s I worked as a charterer for various chartering brokers.

Thanks to my experience as a sailor, second officer, and captain in inland shipping and as a charterer in dry cargo, tanker and push tug shipping, I have practical knowledge of all the various aspects of inland shipping and coastal shipping (as well as maritime shipping).

I can offer you support in various ways, and I can help you from beginning to end with the purchase/sale of your ship. With my wealth of practical knowledge and experience, I can provide a valuable service to everyone!
I look forward to the future with confidence as I have built up numerous contacts with brokers, traders, and shipyards in the past, which can now be put to good use!

Rhoon is an excellent place to work from, where I can make sure the sales enquiries are dealt with properly in every way, so that customers can be helped quickly and efficiently. The range of ships on offer is very diverse, as you can see from my website.
René Kriesels

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